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Welcome to Ash's Speedway Museum!

You will not believe the history collected here unless you see it for yourself.

When you arrive at Ash's Speedway Museum there is dedication to the WORLD CHAMPION BLUEY WILKINSON from Bathurst. The history of speedway is the aim of the museum with memories; that have been collected over the last 30 years.

Largest speedway collection in the southern hemisphere.

Memorabilia from Australian riders Bluey Wilkinson, Lionel Van Pragg, Gordon Guasco, Jason Crump, Leigh Adams, Chris Holder, Darcy Ward and many more. International speedway exhibits include Ivan Mauger, Tony Rickkardson, Chris Harris, Greg Hancock and on and on.

The museum has a large collection of bikes and sidecars from the old to the new. Posters, pictures, paintings, banners, ribbons, hats and other memories are on display.

Passion shown towards speedway is surpased by none!

You will be amazed by the largest collection of jackets worldwide on the walls of the museum. The jackets have stories and memories from the riders who wore them at race meetings.